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Jun 26, 2021 · While playing Spin the Bottle Keefe has to kiss Sophie. The kiss that changed everything for both of them. Watch the video to learn more! SoKeefe is the het ship between Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen from the Keeper of the Lost Cities fandom. Sophie and Keefe meet in the first book, when Sophie messes up her alchemy in Level Two, burning Lady …

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The door opened a crack and Keefe quickly jumped to the side. A bottle slipped out and the door slammed shut behind it. Keefe softly smiled, picking up the bottle and running down the steps and leapt back to his house. Read Chapter 52 (Ending Mature) from the story A SOKEEFE STORY by TeamFoster-Keefe (Team KeefeFoster) with 27,512 reads. keefe ...Sokeefe oneshots by Hayley. 892 11 1. Just some sokeefe oneshots Cover art is art from spacialrift on Instagram. teamfosterkeefeoneshots. teamfosterkeefe. kotlcsokeefe. +6 more. Read the most popular sokeefeoneshots stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.7 hours, 33 minutes7h 33m. TeamFoster-Keefe. Ongoing. Mature. Hi! Sokeefe story here! Smut areas are marked, but most chapters include a make-out session here and there. If you're on a long car trip and are alone in the backseat, this is the perfect story for you! Anyway, have fun reading, I try to update when I can.

SoKeefe One-Shots. 245K 2.4K 41. He turned towards her side of the bed, snaked his arms around her waist, and slide his leg between hers, kissing the back of her neck lightly until she started to wake. She hummed with a smile as she turned in his arms to look at him, "Early riser are we?"Sokeefe Movie Night. Sophie’s heart fluttered -much against her will- as she whispered to her imparter, “Show me Keefe Sencen.”. It was only a second or two before Keefe answered, leaving Sophie to wonder what he was doing up so late. Then again, he wasn’t the only one up at midnight. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and his blonde ...Nov 7, 2017 · Here are the best Sokeefe moments, because I'm trash for them. But first, we had the best moment in the book, when Keefe finally showed up: Biana laughed. “It’s too bad Keefe isn’t here—you two could have a contest to see who whines the most.” “I’d win,” Keefe said from the doorway. And here we go: sokeefe fluff! busted out my ancient copy of Lodestar for this. Sophie and Keefe reunion Stellarlune. HAPPY valentine guys. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tam-shade-song about sokeefe. Discover more posts about kotlc sophie, keeper of the lost cities, kotlc, sophie foster, kotlc fandom, keefe sencen, and sokeefe.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Shannon Messenger | Sophie Foster Keefe Sencen Biana Vacker Fitz Vacker ... Romance Humor Sokeefe Keephie Team Foster-Keefe Short Stories. Just a bunch of Sokeefe one-shots! Open to suggestions!! DO NOT read if you don't like Sokeefe.🙃 (All characters belong to Shannon Messenger.)Sophie wasn't expecting it. It was about 12 at night and she was sleeping soundly in her bed—until she heard rocks hitting her window. The first one scarred the living hell out of Sophie. Once she fully woke up, she realized someone—Keefe, no doubt—was throwing rocks at her window. She got out of bed and opened it. ….

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Sophie was in her giant room in her new home, Sunrose, getting ready for her wedding. She had just gotten into a light, blush pink ball gown dress with a sweetheart neckline. The torso was beaded and I gotta say, she looked spectacular. She was currently sitting at her vanity, getting her hair fixed up by Biana and Linh while Marella, Edaline ...Being a single parent and going to school is challenging, especially financially. There are grants and scholarships available to single mothers, but also some aimed specifically at...

First published May 10, 2020. Basically a Fan-fiction where Biana invites everyone over for a sleepover and that's how Sophie and Keefe get together. Including Biana sass, fluffy moments, cute dates and spectacular outfits. Warning there will be spoilers for Legacy and all books before. This book will probably be pretty short and is basically ...Together- A Sokeefe Story AU (Alte... by easy-peasy-pumpkin-peasy (on... 5.1K 49 8. This is an Alternate Universe. Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen are dating now. Life seems perfect, Relationships seem easy, until trouble with Sophie's Ex-Boyfriend Fitz... fina. sokeefefluff. tiana.Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Keeper of the Lost Cities with stunning Sokeefe fanart. Discover the best fan creations that capture the essence of Sophie and Keefe's relationship.

quad ari Wanting to find fanfics about SoKeefe on but all you get is Wattpad? Here are all the fanfics of SoKeefe in this community. Have fun reading! (Ratings, updates, matureness, dates, …ALL POSTS. SencenGirl123·8/22/2020in Short Stories and Fanfictions. Sokeefe Story : Sealed With A Kiss. Hi, this is Anne! This is my Sokeefe Story! Hopefully, you guys like it! (Edited by administrators) Book 8.5: UnlockedKeefe and SophieSophie Elizabeth FosterNeverseen. 4. old dutch supermarket danville virginiasd turkey season Yxrzq·6/1/2020in Short Stories and Fanfictions. Please Come Back to Me - A Depressing Sokeefe Fanfic. Prologue. “You totally Fostered it,” Keefe teased, leaning on Sophie’s cot. She had just twisted her ankle in P.E and had to have Keefe carry her to the Healing Center to get checked out by Elwin. Sophie sighed and rolled her eyes at her ...Chapter Text “Ughh… I just want sleep, for one night…” Sophie muttered to herself once more after tossing and turning for about three hours. adusa distribution butner nc Get ratings and reviews for the top 11 pest companies in Columbia, MD. Helping you find the best pest companies for the job. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home All Projects Featu...Jan 1, 2019 - Sokeefe fan art! Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #teamfosterkeefe #sophiefoster #keefesencen power out alexandria vaparker pointe apartments lakeland flwhat happened to henwy The Insider Trading Activity of MORONEY JOHN J on Markets Insider. Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks florida man march 14 1. kotlc. sokeefe. fitzphie. Keefe leaned against his locker, his hands shuffling through a box of prattles, his eyes scanning the crowd for a certain familiar face. His hands were the first to find something. Sitting in the palm... Explore the …Lonely (Sokeefe) By: imgonnafreakyscream. After the battle with the Neverseen, Keefe and Sophie confront their feelings. A few weeks later, Sophie realized something that turns her world upside down. She is pregnant. Rated M because of stuff in the beginning. grant county obituaries marion indianaoil pressure gauge autozoneweather honea path sc 29654 Sokeefe Books Shannon Messenger KOTLC. Here is a fun quiz to see how much you know about Keeper of the Lost Cities. DO NOT TAKE if you have not finished the series! If you do, be aware that you may get some spoilers! Have fun!Nov 7, 2017 · Here are the best Sokeefe moments, because I'm trash for them. But first, we had the best moment in the book, when Keefe finally showed up: Biana laughed. “It’s too bad Keefe isn’t here—you two could have a contest to see who whines the most.” “I’d win,” Keefe said from the doorway. And here we go: